About Us

Instead of cutting down trees and polluting the earth let them know you care with a Trashy Greeting. Every Trashy Greeting pays to pick up ocean trash.

For every dollar spent on a Trashy Greeting we pick up one (1) pound of ocean trash… for real!

We track every pound we pick up on this map:

Our goal at Trashy Greetings is to turn something people do everyday into a force for good in the world. And greeting cards seemed like a good place to start.

Americans purchase 6.5 BILLION greetings cards a year, and usually spend around $3 to buy and send each card.  If just 1% of people sent a Trashy Greeting instead we could pay to clean up over 195 MILLION pounds of ocean trash.  

If you think that’s as cool as we do then we hope you send your very own Trashy Greeting today!

Meet the Team:

Annie Jenkins

Annie Jenkins:

  • Mom
  • Bird lover
  • Beach walker
  • Camp goer
  • Lake kayaker
  • Gift giver
  • Get things doner
Greg Dayley

Greg Dayley

  • Dad
  • Dreamer
  • Crazy idea haver
  • Outdoor lover
  • Food maker


Thanks for stopping by!

- Greg, Annie, and the Pavati/Trashy Greetings Team