Frequently Asked Questions:

How do we know you will actually pick up the trash?

We take pictures of every cleanup and provide proof of the pounds picked up on the pickup map.  We get it though, we live in a fake world and nearly anything can be faked. So at the end of the day we are asking you to trust us. BUT if you have an idea, or want to know something else that can help you trust us more we are all ears. Send us an email at support@trashygreetings.com

Where do you pickup trash?

Currently we are picking up in Maine and Washington State in the US. And in the Philippines, specifically Manila at this time. You can read about the Philippine's struggle with trash HERE

What is Pavati Ocean Pickup?

Pavati Ocean Pickup is our main organization dedicated to cleaning the ocean. We created Trashy Greetings as a fun way to help fund our mission to clean up the worlds oceans. You can learn more at pavatioceanpickup.com

What do you do with the trash?

Most of it we take to the dump... The truth is most things (especially plastic) that have been in the ocean aren't really recyclable. The sun and water deteriorate the plastic to a point that it isn't really usable without great expense. Our position is that we are better off just getting it out of the ocean than trying to, in the words of my old redneck neighbor, "polish a turd."

What do you define as "Ocean Trash"

This is actually a great question. There are so many possible definitions so here is ours:

"Ocean Trash" is any abandoned man made material that is in, or likely will soon be in the ocean.

This means that we consider trash in the ocean and on the beach ocean trash. But we also consider trash in rivers near the ocean, on river banks, in areas that regularly flood as ocean trash too. Rivers and floods are how much of the trash gets into the ocean in the first place. Prevention is the best medicine, because once trash gets into the ocean it is most likely going to be there forever...

We DO NOT consider ocean trash to be naturally occurring materials like logs or unpainted lumber to be ocean trash. We also do not count concrete or asphalt that has been dumped into the ocean as ocean trash either.

Are you a non profit?

Short answer No.

Long answer, we plan to be. Trashy Greetings grew out of our PavatiBeauty.com brand. But we quickly realized two things. First, WAY MORE people wanted to just pay us to pickup trash than wanted to buy our skin care products. And second, after we organized our first trash pickup in the Philippines that trash pickup would cost much less than we anticipated. So we pivoted to offering a service just to pick up trash. This happened really fast and we just haven't got around to all the complexities of becoming a non-profit. In the meantime we are committing to transparency of every pound picked up.

Why do you pick up trash?

It's been on my (Greg's) mind for several years now, and... you can read about it on our ABOUT US page.

8 Million TONS of trash enters the oceans every year...are you actually making a difference?

Call us optimists, but we think we can make a significant impact. Picking up a thousand pounds may seem small on a global scale, but the number of residents who have told us the beaches we have cleaned "have never been cleaner" keeps us motivated. Because if we can give people pride in their communities, and convince people that how they treat trash matters. Then we can have a cascading effect that changes culture. And that change has the potential to make a massive difference.

Our long term plans extend far beyond just getting ocean trash out of the ocean. We have plans to help companies and individuals reduce, and eliminate their use of disposable plastic. We got started with this work through our Pavati Beauty brand because we wanted to change how the beauty industry uses plastic. But we discovered that MANY people were interested in making an immediate impact so we decided to offer Trashy Greetings as a stand alone service.

A dollar a pound seems too expensive, I can pick it up for less.

That's great!! Now quit talking about it and be about it!

It's true that as of now it costs less than $1 per pound to pick up a pound of ocean trash, but a lot more goes into it than just picking up the trash. We have to pay for hauling and disposal, overhead, staff to track the trash and run our social media... But more importantly the extra funds help us grow faster, which means more crew, and more ocean trash picked up!

How can I get involved?

The BEST way is to get out there and pick up some trash! It doesn't matter if you live on the coast or 1000 miles inland we want to inspire everyone to help keep this planet beautiful.

The easiest way is to talk about us with your friends. You can share our message on social media, or *gasp* talk to people in real life...with your mouth... jk. But for real, the more people who know about us the more good work we can do so share away!!

If you have a blog, a podcast, or a large(ish) social following reach out to us and we can talk about doing some sort of promotion for your followers. Just send us an email at support@trashygreetings.com

Got more questions? Send us an email at support@trashygreetings.com