So You Got Trashed...

You might be wondering, "why am I getting this trashy SMS text message?"

The short answer is that somebody close to you decided to send you the gift of a clean ocean in lieue of a traditional gift. 

Their purchase of a Trashy Greeting in your name allows us to pay our crews to go out and pick up and properly dispose of ocean trash one pound of trash at a time.

Our mission is to clean the world's oceans. 

That's a big task.

But we believe that if we can help reshape how we give gifts, then we can create massive change.

Now you can give someone a Trashy Greeting, too. Send them a "Thank you!" or a "Congrats!" for a job well done.

Did you know that over 8MM tons of garbage entered the world's oceans in 2020?

The problem with plastic is that it lasts basically forever. It's choking our oceans and it's killing billions of sea animals every year, which is why your friend or family member went to and sent you a Trashy Greeting - the gift of a clean ocean. 

What if you could do the same thing for someone else? The good news is, you can! We've got Trashy Greetings for a number of occasions from Birthdays to Breakups. You can send one right now.

Just think about some of the other gifts that you've given or received in your lifetime? How many rarely - or maybe never - got used?

With Trashy Greetings, instead of creating all of that waste, we take the money used to purchase SMS text greeting cards and use it to help solve the problem of plastic ocean pollution instead of making it worse. 

So go ahead, pay it forward and give someone else the gift of a clean ocean. Let's see how far we can go cleaning the ocean one Trashy Greeting at a time. Remember every dollar counts towards a pound of trash.

Give someone a Trashy Greeting today.

It's never too late to do your part! Thanks for stopping by to learn a little about what we do. Hope to see you again soon and in the meantime, stay trashy (but not really).